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The air transportation industries in the world enjoy a century of experience. Commercialization of the industry has been commenced about 70 years ago. Hopefully Iran shares some 53 years of experience in this board and unique industry. On the other hand transportation network has always been evaluated as one of the most significant issues in the countries’ economic evaluations. Therefore the aviation development has always been one of the main concerns and priorities among their major and fundamental plans. According to the above information, Mica Investment Group is planning to take a distinguished step towards the air transportation industry by founding Mica Airlines. Based on our strategic plan and in order to promote our country’s air transportation industry, Mica Air will take aircrafts such as A320-200 and B-737-800 into the service. In addition, the newly founded company will exclusively attempt to figure out a new chapter by focusing on variety of goals in service provisions such as marketing, sales, high quality and standards and distinguished flight services.

Goal setting for domestic and international flights

Regarding the modeling of air fleets and business or tourist attraction of Kish Island as well as the interest of tourist and businessmen from Iran and other countries in the Persian Gulf and region, the company is going to plan the domestic and international flights from and to this island.

In the first phase, the company has mega cities like Tehran, Mashhad, Shiraz, Esfahan, Tabriz and Kish in its domestic flights schedule. Furthermore, Persian Gulf and Central Asia countries will be placed on the international flights timetable of the company. Also Western European countries will be placed in the program for the upcoming phase of the international flights.


Airbus A320

Boeing 737

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